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How Bizarre Can Animal Sports Get? Here Are Some

Learning the Most Bizarre Animal Sports in History

People love sports and entertainment. Anywhere you go, people will flock to places where there’s a sporting event or some form of entertainment. It could be spring training or harness racing, or perhaps it’s a mime performing on the street or a jazz festival in New Orleans. Wherever something worth watching is happening, you’ll find people there.

And where there are people, there are opportunities to make money and build networks.

Throughout history, people have used this knowledge to their advantage and came up with different events and gimmicks to draw in the crowds. And some of the most bizarre events involved animals in extraordinary games and sports.

Here are some of the weirdest animal sports ever created in history.

The Weirdest Animal Sports Ever Invented

9. Cock Shying
Cock shying, or cock throwing, was an ancient blood sport widely practiced in England up until the late 18th century. This sport involved a rooster tied to a pole as the participants threw cocksteles — weighted sticks — or any other heavy object at the fowl until it is dead.

8. Barking Off Squirrels
In the late 18th and early 19th century, frontiersman Daniel Boone popularized a certain type of squirrel hunting called “barking off squirrels.” The twist to this hunting game is that hunters would hunt squirrels and kill them without shooting directly at them. They would typically shoot the bark just below any squirrel they find. The bark would then shatter with enough force to actually kill the rodents.

7. Haggis Hurling
Talk about strange. This one is probably one of the strangest past times ever invented by anyone anywhere. The players would throw a haggis as far as they can. Now that might sound pretty normal until you find out what a haggis is. It is a pudding containing flavors made up of a sheep’s liver, heart, lungs, suet, spices, onions, oatmeal, and salt. It is then cooked for three hours inside the animal’s belly, and once cooked, it is now ready to be played with. Ugh.

6. Goose Pulling
In one of the most bizarre animal sports, the ancient sport of goose pulling was done from the 17th to 19th century. In this game, men on horseback would race and attempt to pull off the neck of a goose hung upside down on a pole until they completely dismember the creature and take its head off. Modern practitioners of this sport have since changed the game slightly by using an already dead goose.

5. Cockroach Races
Australia has one of the oddest races in the world. Every year on January 26, a racing contest for cockroaches is held in Kangaroo Point, Queensland. A bucketful of roaches is poured in the middle of a racing ring. The first cockroach to reach the edge of the ring wins. Imagine how fast that race is.

4. Camel Wrestling
More than 2,400 years ago, the Turks invented and practiced the sport of camel wrestling. They let two bull camels fight each other to have a chance with a female camel. The camel that does not get scared nor run away wins the fight. The Camel Wrestling Championship is still celebrated today in Selcuk, Turkey, every January.

3. Sled Dog Racing
Although this isn’t really that strange a sport since we’re all aware of it, it’s still on our list mainly because of the distance the dogs need to travel (almost a thousand miles) under some of the most extreme weather conditions.

2. Fox Tossing
The race to the top spot was a very close one between this and the winner, but as far as weird animal sports go, this has got to be one of the absolute weird and bizarre events ever made. This game involves pairs where each one would pull on two ends of a sling lying on the ground with a fox on it and see how high they could toss the fox up in the air.

1. Eel Pulling
Perhaps the one animal “sport” — if that’s what you would call it — that ranks high on our weird-o-meter is eel pulling. Remember goose pulling from earlier? It’s very similar to that; only there are two variants.

The first one uses eels as substitute rope for a game of tug-o-war, but this time, the eels are washed with soap, so they are extra slippery. The other version has the eels hanging down a canal while players jumped and pulled them off as they pass the canal in a boat.

Whatever floats their boat, I guess.

Talk about bizarre. Eel pulling? Cock shying? Fox tossing?! We bet you’ve never heard about most of these before. The ones who came up with these animal sports must either be desperate or really bored. Today, it’s a good thing that we have more humane sports that involve animals compared to ones that endanger them and cause them harm.

How To Make Money By Playing Online Games

The ways of making money have improved a lot. Online earning programs, incentive winning games, and online casinos have made it easy to make money from home convenience. There are many mega888 apk options for the players. Casino games are becoming more and more popular around the world. The higher the odds of winning and better access to gambling channels have improved the betting market. In this post, we’re going to explore the best ways and techniques, so that you can receive high rewards by playing online.

Play Free Games

Gaming portals offer many free games to their new registered customers. Enjoy the playing and get prizes. Don’t miss out on the validity of the free game availability, as you won’t have to send money and the winning reward will be added to your accounts. Check for games that have a better probability of winning. Many old players are still allowed to play free games as prizes. Look for updates and pop-up messages to read more about free games.

Play regularly

People are gambling for two primary reasons. First, they love casino games and play for refreshment and fun. Second, players take it as a cash and award-winning choice. It’s a decent source of income for regular players. If you want to make money out of gaming, you should be interested in gambling daily. Gambling is a big game of chance and luck. So if you play daily, the odds of winning and receiving prizes will improve.

Learn Strategies

The difference between a beginner and a pro gambler is that the latter has the experience and skills to bet. This is where the distinction lies. Besides being a game of chance, abilities, and tactics often play a significant role in making high rewards. There are many free guides available for various games. Read the techniques and apply the best approach to your test games. You can also enter the players’ network to connect and speak directly with experts.

Select the game wisely

There are many various kinds of games available online. Some games have a better chance of winning, while others need a lot of competitive execution. Play slots, table games, and board games that are easier to gamble. It would be best if you also tried newer games that offer better winning odds. Roulette, poker, and blackjack are the most popular of all these days.

Don’t bet on all the money

Many times what the players do is that they bet on all the money in a single chance. Gambling involves a lot of luck and chance. And therefore it is not a wise option to bet all your money altogether. Divide the amount into high and low odds. Also, play according to your winning track record so far. Losing all your money altogether can demotivate you to continue the play. It is a better idea to practice and learn from the safer games, and test plays available on the gaming site. It will build your experience and confidence in the field.


Former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson believes that Arsenal will follow up their disappointing 3-0 loss to Aston Villa in the Premier League with another league defeat at newcomers Leeds United. According to him, Leeds United will bounce back from the 4-1 loss at Crystal Palace with a 2-1 victory over the Gunners.

Mark Lawrenson further revealed that the Leeds United vs. Arsenal is largely unpredictable, but he has gone for the home team because the Gunners have been very inconsistent under Mikel Arteta this season. He also said that he expects a reaction from Arsenal after the unexpected loss to Villa.

Arsenal were outclassed at home by Aston Villa who scored three goals without any reply from their hosts to hand Gunners boss Mikel Arteta his joint worst result in the Premier League under his managerial watch. The 3-0 defeat to Aston Villa is the worst result under Arteta at Arsenal alongside the 3-0 loss at Manchester City last season. It must be noted that the Manchester City win was against 10 men following the sending off of defender David Luiz.

The Aston Villa win was achieved with the help of goals from Bukayo Saka (own goal) and a brace from the in-form Ollie Watkins. The result moved Villa into the top six, while the Gunners drop into the bottom half of the table.

Ahead of the Leeds United game, Arsenal have been rocked by the news of a training feud between David Luiz and Dani Ceballos though the latter has denied the incident. It was reported that the two players came to blows on the training ground at London Colney. Despite the alleged fight, the two players are expected to feature at Elland Road. However, Mohamed ElNenywill miss the Leeds game alongside SeadKolasinac after the two players went into isolation upon testing positive for Covid-19.

Females And Betting

It is mainly believed that the game of gambling is a male affected video game. However, the same does not show to be a reality in the modern period or from the extremely primitive times as early as in the late 1500s … It is mostly believed that the video game of betting is a male affected video game. The same does not verify to be a slot online fact in the modern era or from the extremely primitive times as early as in the late 1500s. It was that period when the playing cards were brought into the image. As a result, considering wagering done by ladies as a severe issue, allow’s initialize the topic with the beginning of the same.

A Historic Standpoint of Females and also Gambling:

As earlier stated, females began obtaining themselves right into the video game of wagering when playing cards were designed in the late 1500s. It remained in the 17th century that Europe, French, and English females actively took part in the video game of gaming. At that phase of time, people used to get involved in dice and card video games around the clock, irrespective of the fact that it was day or late at night. In contrast, in America, especially amongst the Indian tribes, the females can play the same when their partners do not watch them. Relocating to the province of Wild West, the distinguished women who obtained themselves right into betting were suppliers, bettors, and prostitutes and called themselves as magnificent as Texas to hold’em Alice, Madame Moustache, Catastrophe Jane as well as Buckskin Alice.

After tha, they would go from home to residence to slot online request betting on the competition. There were ubiquitous gambling lanes and stores where individuals might effortlessly maintain their stakes on the races. As a result of these hostile ill jobs, females were commonly urged to waive things, like sale of their youngsters’ shoes and residential points to make money for gambling.

Whereas in the starting duration of the 1950s and also 1960s in Las vega, the women were used up as attract players. Because of this, the females began to get obsessed with it the slots and also shed a handsome ton of money on several celebrations. By the starting of the year 1972, United States Gamblers Anonymous observed a provision of 50 women to 1 man coming to the conference.

Furthermore, the video game of wagering increased itself for the females to play the video games of possibility such as bingo and lotto games, which ended up being wide-spread gradually. Champion Poker is one of the most famous video games to be known for females nowadays. On The Planet Series of Casino Poker, Barbara Enright was the only lady to receive the final table of the same and created a publication relating to the very same subject, slot online which is today called Female Poker Gamer.

V86 Tips: How to Become an Expert Sports Tipster?

We are all stuck in our homes, but luckily, the sports games are back. We can sit back in our sofas and couches and enjoy some amazing games of our favorite teams. Additionally, you can enjoy some betting and trying to win some money while you’re at home and doing almost nothing in your spare time.

In this article, we’re going to share some V86 tips that will help you to win more money. What you need to mind, how to make sure you’re betting on the right team, and everything that goes with it.

Understand how the whole betting stuff works?

When you see the games in the betting document, you see a bunch of numbers on the side of the actual game. All of them mean something, but are you aware of all the details. If you don’t understand these, you shouldn’t be betting at all.

Every pair of teams that clash in a certain match have betting odds for the outcome of this match. You’ll see the odd number of the possibility for the first team to win, the odd for the second team to win, and for the game to end in a draw.

Now, it’s important to know that there are a ton of other little issues and rules that you have to know to be sure that you’re doing the right thing. Additionally, a lot of betting houses will offer many other ways to bet. In those who are the best, you can bet in almost anything. What minute the first goal will be scored, who will do it, and all kinds of other stuff.

Before you start playing, you need to be sure that you understand all these rules. Take some time in research and make an understanding of what all of them are saying. You don’t want to win something and you’re not even aware of winning.

Betting is more than luck

Some people think that this is luck, but others live from the right choice of who’s going to win a certain game. See more on this subject here.

Instead of taking a wild guess about who’s going to be the winner, you should make some research before deciding where to place your money. The teams that are favorites are always a good choice. The problem with them is that they never bring any real value to your bet.

Let’s say that you want to place your money and think that Juventus, the Italian soccer champion is going to win in a certain game. The odds that you’re going to miss are small, but at the same time, the money you’re going to get by winning is insignificant.

This is why you need to do thorough research every time you play. Make sure you find a pair that will offer great odds and you know in great probability who’s going to win. For example, if two teams have a history of one side always taking the victory with them, and the odds offered are great, this is the one you should be placing your money in.

There are thousands of games in different sports around the world every day. Your possibility to get some pairs and make a great value of them is excellent. You just need to do the research and be sure that you’re doing the right deal.

How to make more money?

There’s no such thing as a certain win. However, according to V86, there’s a way to be more certain that a certain match is going to become one way or the other.

Following some of the many blogs, experts on social networks, and newspapers is a smart thing to do. Just like V86 that has professionals who regularly share their opinions and expertise with the ordinary people. You should follow them and make sure you listen to what they say. It’s not always easy to come up with the best ideas yourself. You need someone who will help you with this issue.

Listening to podcasts, reading blogs, and seeing what these experts think is a great way to make sure that you will win. These people are dedicating their entire lives to this industry and you can be sure that what they think is valuable information.

Avoid being emotional

We all have teams we like moreover others. We want them to win constantly but this is simply not possible. When you’re betting, you shouldn’t be letting your emotions for these clubs to interfere and make the decision for you.

If your favorite team plays against someone and there’s no chance for them to win, don’t go against the odds and bet the other way. Do it with a cold head and always play the way that it’s best for raising your chances to win.


These four tips should be just enough to show you what needs to be done. Sports betting is not an ordinary game. It involves money and everything that involves an investment should be taken seriously and with the maximum caution possible.

In other words, learn all there is and that we mentioned above before you place your money online. Make sure that your money is going to be used in the best way possible and you’re going to earn. Don’t be stressed if you lose sometimes, it’s inevitable. However, playing well will make you earn more than you’ll lose.

Mobile Online Casino – Virtually Like the Actual Point

They also make the ATM conveniently offered to ensure that, once you shed all the cash you went there with, you can go into your individual accounts till you locate on your own drunk, damaged and in large difficulty with your loved one. That’s the magnificence of the online casino. Nevertheless, there is a way to stay in the good beautifies of your loved ones while still enjoying the gambling enterprise and that’s with the mobile gambling establishment.

Download Your Fave Games Right To Your Smart Phone

You might be questioning what exactly is a mobile Situs Judi Online casino site. A mobile online casino is what you obtain when you download and install casino site video games right to your mobile device. These mobile gambling establishment games normally don’t set you back very much, typically around 5 dollars, yet they exist when you need to flee to the casino site, without digging into your savings account.

With the mobile casino site, you play as much as you want as well as the money you shed is funny money, it’s digital, it’s not your home down payment or your kids’ university money. You can play whenever and wherever you want and also you’ll never ever lose a cent.

It may not be precisely like a genuine Situs Judi Online gambling enterprise. You do not have the same environment, there’s no complimentary alcohol as well as you don’t really feel the pressure you really feel when the supplier’s looking you down, waiting on your next play. Nevertheless, these points can be there, you simply have to picture them.

If you consider it, the mobile gambling enterprise is better than the actual gambling establishment. Sure, you won’t win big with a mobile online casino, however the probabilities of you doing so at a genuine casino site are slim to none. That, you’re not tempted by the lights and the noise as well as the booze and you’re not shedding your tee shirt.

Download your mobile Situs Judi Online casino site today and lay your hand down. Wager large if you wish to, you’ll never ever have to clarify to your kids how they’ll have to function 3 tasks to pay for college since you felt in one’s bones that your full house was the winning hand and you laid all of it down. You will not need to state that you wept when the man next to you put down a royal flush. With your mobile online casino, you can simply shrug it off as well as begin once more.

Casino Poker Betting Methods

When you remove Texas Hold em wagering strategies from the poker table, poker is absolutely nothing greater than a video game of good luck. However, when the judi qq monies are on the table holdem becomes a game of skill and also psychological profundity.

The video game of Hold ’em asks for 2 mandated wagers (per round) called the huge blind and also small blind. When the action comes around to you in a clockwise sequence, you have among four alternatives:

  1. Wager – When you are “in a hurry,” you put a quantity of chips equivalent to the huge blind. This enters into the pot.
  2. Call – Calling is matching the amount of the previous wager.
  3. Raise – To call a raising requires you initial match what one more player bet. Afterward you can “increase” to whatever amount you choose.
  4. Layer – Foldable is simply quiting of a hand. Absolutely nothing to win. Nothing to shed prior bet.

When you are seated at the casino poker table, you will quickly discover there are two severe wagerers.

  1. Manic – The Maniac pushes the activity, whether he has a hand or not. Initially, the Maniac is quick to dual or three-way his judi qq chip pile. However, the need for activity commonly leaves the Maniac gotten rid of out of ring video games or renewing his account.
  2. Easy – The Rock usually checks or calls as well as never ever raises unless he has a beast hand. As a result of his absence of aggression, the Rock constantly sheds chips and is ultimately out of the tournament and also having to replenish his account.

Right here are five texas hold’em wagering strategies you can use to boost your Texas Hold em online poker play.

  1. Value Bet: With the feeler bet, you are prodding for info. The feeler bet will certainly always let you recognize where you stand in the hand. If you never bet, you will never ever recognize what your oppositions are holding. It is for this objective you utilize it to get a “feel” for the stamina of your hand also the toughness of your opponents hand.
  2. Taking the Blinds: A method worth increasing in online poker is removing uncontested blinds and also pots! Stealing the blinds over a period of time will win you even more money than you will certainly lose. There some points you need to think about before you begin taking the blinds is the type of gamers at the table, your very own table photo, noticing weakness at the table as well as the dimension of the bet.
  3. Examine Raise: This is likewise called trapping. The check raise works by acting weak in hopes of concealing your toughness. With any good luck, this will encourage a bluff or at the very least a misinformed wager from your opponent to obtain him to put his chips to the pot.
  4. Extension Wager: Representing the Flop is revealing stamina before the flop, frequently with over cards. Often you will certainly miss the flop, yet remain to reveal toughness via betting, as if you have a genuine hand. The recipe to judi qq efficiently managing the extension bet is to restrict your opponents down to 1 or 2 at one of the most.
  5. Squeezing: You squeeze when you think somebody gets on a flush or straight draw yet does not have it. Raising in this situation may maintain the player from remaining in the hand, not wishing to risk his stack on the odds of missing his straight or flush. Keep in mind, unless you already have a strong hand, this kind of Texas Hold em betting approach can fail.

Beginners guide on football betting

A beginner is a person who is a fresher to the field. A tyro can make inevitable mistakes and can lose hope further due to not getting any required results. As they lose hope, there can be chances to build some negative thinking towards the game. It is the main reason for quitting the game even having an interest in betting. 

Discussing below are some points you can consider while placing the bet as a tyro. You can visit website for more updates.

Before you start to recommend reading

Anyone needs to know the game before you start to bet. Fooling a person with knowledge is hard. Try to collect information about the game. You can have information by reading about football, or you can get to know by watching the game by yourself. The best way to bet is to have complete knowledge about the game you are interested in gambling.

Terms of football bet, you should know

  • Stake- This is the amount you have to bet on sports. It is money, and you are ready to lose.
  • Bankroll- This is the total amount, you start to bet with it.
  • Accumulator- it is a single bet series, that go together. However, accumulators 
  • Handicap- This bet is an offer when one team is a clear favourite. Bookmakers give this type of chance to the underdog’s organisations.
  • Banker- Sometimes the bookmakers are quite sure about the winning team, this person is a banker.
  • Scorecast- when you decide to bet on the first goal of the player, and you also predict the correct score, both bets should come with a real win. 
  • Win cast- It is to bet on a score along with betting on the winning team.
  • 90-minute betting- When you decided to bet on an individual player for 90 minutes of the game, and the player does not show off within the 90 minutes, 

Types of football bets

  • Double chance- In this type, you choose a team to win and if they win or it is often called off.
  • over/under- The sports booker marks a certain number of goals. You can bet according to your preferences.
  • Draw or no bet- You can either win or lose the chance if the bet gets draws or cancel you get your money back. 

Visit for more updates.

Best Online Tennis Betting Sites

Selecting an online betting site to take your tennis action is no different. You want a site where you feel safe and provides the most exciting experience you are looking for. Every website that is recommending is trusted space for you to do your wagering.

Here’s what we consider the best tennis betting websites available today:


Betfair are the world’s biggest and best exchanges available. They offer the highest liquidity and most markets on their exchange are for sports trading. Easy access to get money on or off the site. All new punters here can claim one of the biggest available sig up deals upon joining. They provide with one of the biggest bonuses around.


No better choice than 888Sport when it comes to financial security. They are licensed for UK punters and have a clean record. They are really up in their game in terms of quality of odds, market available and long term value for players. All new customers are available for bonus offers.

Tennis Bets Lab

It is the best tennis betting sites available online. When it comes to marketing, Tennis best lab can appear like a relatively unknown betting site. Instead, it focuses on delivering the best odds online. Also, here you can bet large amounts without the risk of being restricted.


22Bet have already made a significant impact within the market. Because of their live betting platform and range of promotions , the betting site also caters for a large number of punters, due to being available in over 50 different languages. 22Bet also performs well when it comes to odds and tennis sports markets. It has variety of betting options including singles, accumulators, handicaps.

GG Bet

This website has expanded itself to a list of a large number of countries, and from day to day, countries included are only increasing. The platform happens to offer some of the very unique features , one of the features is the bit coin wagering which happens to be offered by a very few number of betting platforms. This is so versatile site that it permits you to avail both feature whole series or bet on a single match at the price of one site. The bookmaker does not have annoying advertisements and pop ups. No other bookmaker offers so many e-sports titles on a single betting platform as provided by GG Bet.


What is Matched Betting?

Do you believe in making money from bookmakers without any risk? It sounds a bit wild, but Matched Betting is the method created to do it

When betting, you have to accept the fact that you can win or lose against bookmakers or other players. Normally bookmakers will be the final winners, but hundreds of people have won bookmakers over the years, using a method known as risk-free called Matched Betting. This method has been tried and tested for years, and it’s perfectly legal, but you’ll need to spend a lot of time researching it to make it without any mistakes.

Matched Betting is a technique for finding free betting offers offered on bookmakers. Nearly all bookmakers will have these incentives to attract players as well as participate in their games. For example, 188BET and Sbobet simultaneously offer a free $ 25 bet on your first bet. According to many betting experts, many bookmakers are willing to spend an average of $ 300 to get a new customer – and this amount is reflected in the free bets offer.

To perform Matched Betting you need to know two types of bet which allow matched betting to work which is a ‘back’ bet and a ‘lay’ bet

  • A ‘back’ bet: is a bet based on the outcome you are confident that will happen. For example: “I bet Manchester United will win” is a backing bet. If it comes true, you win the bet and have your award. If Manchester United lose or draw, you lose your stake. You can place this bet at any prestigious bookmakers.  
  • A ‘lay’ bet: is the opposite with back bet which means you will be based on the outcome that you think it will not happen. For example: “I bet Manchester United will lose” is a play bet. If they lose, you will win the bet. You can only place a lay bet at a betting exchange bookmaker

Matched Betting works by removing the risk on the ‘back’ bet at the online bookies by betting against yourself at the same odds (know as ‘laying’ a bet) which you can do at a betting exchange bookmaker. That why it’s called Matched Betting cause you are ‘matching’ with your bet. You will be awarded the free bet by the bookmaker for your first or ‘qualifying’ real money bet so this is where the profit is made. This technique is just quite that simple, you just need to repeat the process: bet using the free bet and then lay the bet again. 

For each successful implementation of Matched Betting, You will be earned with up to 95% of the free bet amount as profit. This is because bookmakers usually charge a commission of 5% on winnings. You may also lose a small portion of your profits due to the difference in betting rates between bookmakers. And more importantly with this approach, you are currently tax-free. 

Bookmakers will make every effort to prevent matched betting by taking a commission or requiring the player to bet several times before drawing any winnings. All players can learn how to use matched betting and you will have no risk involved because it covered yourself by betting for and against the same event.

However, risks can still occur if you made mistakes so, once again, you need to double-check everything and follow the steps exactly. As you’ve understood the process, matched betting can be used at many other online bookies with free bet offers which can quite quickly land you a lot of money without risk.

Actually, there are many professional betting groups focusing on Matched betting, although the amount is not large it can be to 1000-1500 per month with the risk of almost zero. So if you are a lover of betting and want to make easy money even though it is a bit hard, this is what you should pursue.